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Paola Madormo

Madormo studied graphics for advertising and photography at the ISA (State Art Institute) in Cordenons and sculpture at the Accademia delle Belle Arte in Venice.

Since 1997 she has worked as artistic director at the Margaret Duchamp bar in Campo Santa Margherita, Venice, where she designs artwork, installations and gadgets and organizes exhibitions and events.

She also studied in the Squero di San Trovaso (a squero is a boatyard where gondolas are built) where she learnt the art of gilding, and later went on to apply this ancient tradition to her own artistic research.

Madormo lives and works in Venice. Her works have been displayed at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, the Bevilacqua la Masa gallery in Saint Mark’s, the Ca’ Pesaro Museum of Modern Art, the Magazzini del Sale and at the Venice Casino.

Today, Madormo’s studies and personal artistic research are stimulated by her curiosity and analyses of the contemporary world.

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